Who Are We?

Carly Treloar – Owner/Principle Occupational Therapist and Clinical Myotherapist

Credentials: Bachelor of Health Sciences | Masters in Occupational Therapy Practice | Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy | Certified Bhava Hatha Yoga/Meditation Teacher


Withover 20 years of experience in soft tissue therapies, Carly’s interests in the human condition on how we are connected through life’s generality of situations we face physically, mentally and emotionally, opened the door to further studies. These included musculoskeletal therapies, somatic movement(Feldenkrais method) yoga/meditation, social-emotional awareness and a holistic approach to healthcare namingly, ‘Occupational Therapy’ 

Carly enjoys working with people across all ages with special interests in social/emotional skills development and early detection/ prevention of mental health issues in children, adolescents and emerging adults.  Carly is currently working towards obtaining her Mental Health Occupational Therapy (MHOT) Accreditation through Occupational Therapy Australia which will broaden her scope of practice within the near future.

Living Without Boundaries is Carly’s vision of providing a nurturing space for individuals, children and families to access therapeutic interventions and support within an Occupational Therapy framework whilst providing physical therapies that compliment the businesses purpose and mission of a holistic and wellness approach to healthcare.

Carly brings with her, a wide range of skill sets and works with, but not limited to,  Social/Emotional regulation skills development, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Excecutive function and working memory challenges, Sensory Processing Regulation, Dyspraxia/DCD, Developmental delays, Fine and Gross Motor control, including handwriting difficulties, Anxiety and Stress Management, Chronic Fatigue and Energy conservation, Fibromyalgia, Soft tissue dysfunction and Pain management.

When away from the clinic, Carly provides in clinic OT services for children and families in Williamstown together with Paediatricians, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Family Counsellors, Speech Therapists and Mental Health Social Workers.


Chloe Boughan – Occupational Therapist

Credentials: Bachelor of Arts | Masters in Occupational Therapy Practice | Graduate Diploma in Education


Chloe has joined the team at Living Without Boundaries to further pursue her interests in working within the community. With a background in teaching and education, Chloe aims to inspire others through creating motivating and interesting sessions within the clinic, whilst working towards helping people achieve their goals.

Chloe has full registration with the Australian Health Practioner’s Regulation Agency (AHPRA), Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA), and is a qualified and registered teacher. Chloe has experience working with children, teenagers and adults in education and healthcare settings which include hospitals, private practice, aged care facilities as well as educational institutions.

Chloe’s teaching experience; local schools, overseas and private tuition, has enhanced her skills as a therapist. Education and healthcare are combined to achieve optimal outcomes for the individual.

Chloe’s Therapy Specialties are

  • Occupational Therapy Assessment & Evaluation for NDIS
  • Sensory Profiling Assessments
  • Social Skills Development/Zones of Regulation and Social inclusion (Social Thinking Model)
  • Energy Conservation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • School Function Assessments
  • Handwriting Skills Development
  • Independent Living Skills Development
  • Person Family-Centered Care

Aligning with the values at Living Without Boundaries, Chloe sees the importance of a well-rounded approach to healthcare. Chloe aims to assist individuals to reach achievable goals, fulfill potential and maximize participation in the many different facets of life.

For self-development and relaxation, Chloe enjoys music, piano, art, drawing, walking, swimming and reading



Veronica Passmore – Art Psychotherapist | Provisional Psychologist

Credentials Graduate Diploma in Psychology Advanced – Monash University | Sandplay Practitioner – Sandplay Therapy Training Australia | Masters in Creative Arts Therapy – MIECAT, Melbourne | Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts Therapy – RMIT University, Melbourne | Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education – RMIT University, Melbourne | BA Hons. Art, Design and Media: Illustration Pathway – University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK


I am dedicated to and understand first-hand, the magic that the arts can offer. I have been developing my relationship with them since I was eight years old. Fifteen years ago I moved from the South of England to Melbourne where I continued my studies in art, education, art therapy and now psychology.

I have been a fully qualified therapist for over ten years now and love every minute of my work. I have experience in working with people of all different ages with a variety of needs and expectations. One of the main aspects of this work that is so compelling is the process of developing unique therapeutic relationships that complement each individual and their creative journey.​

As an artist, my main skill lies in drawing. I spend most of my time in the studio exploring different ways of drawing. I like to push the boundaries of what a drawing is and what a drawing looks like. Some of my favourite topics include discovering and magnifying details found in nature, surrealist ideas and developing characters for children’s picture books. I also really enjoy time with my dog and being in nature. Watching her play and teaching her new commands brings me great joy. In addition, I also love boxing and am a volunteer coach at a local not for profit gym. Working alongside people of all ages and watching the growth in their discipline, respect and dedication to boxing, the gym, others and most importantly themselves is a magic process.


  • Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association; ANZACATA – Professional Member.
  • Australian Psychological Society; APS – Student Member.
  • ​Registered Early Childhood Teacher​.


Ambika Achanta – Certified Pranic Healer and Mindfulness Practitioner

Specialties | Pranic Psychotherapy & Advanced Pranic Healings


Ambika is a practicing Pranic Healer, since 2008 and has been actively conducting meditation programmes and healing clinics in India, USA, UK and Australia. Ambika’s programs are designed to analyse, correct and harmonize energy system of the body.

From psychological to physiological ailments, Ambika’s experience in treating diverse patients not only advanced her healing skills but also greatly enriched her understanding of complex health conditions that are caused by a combination of genetic, environmental, and emotional factors.

Each healing session lasts for about 45 to 50 min. Pranic healing sessions are accompanied by introducing meditation, practicing ancient breathing techniques and learning Super Brain Yoga. The clients are expected either to sit on a chair or lie on a bed. At the end of each session, overall condition of the energy body is discussed with the client, and recommendations are provided accordingly. It is observed that clients who are committed to the recommendations, experienced positive changes not only in their health but overall well-being.

Ambika’s aim is to empower her clients with tools and techniques that can lead them to exert greater control over their lives and gain immense self-confidence. The techniqes are very easy and simple to learn & apply. A 15-20 min application of technique at home/office can save a day’s stress.

For information on Ambika’s programs and therapy follow the link



Belinda Mitropoulos – Clinic Receptionist

We welcome Belinda to our team in 2020, she brings with her a vast array of experience in customer service and understanding individual needs with empathy and compassion.

Belinda has been in customer service for over 20 yrs with valuable life experience in areas of disability, health and well being. She is a caring and loving person who has a passion for helping people and is a valuable asset to our team.


Jenny Pither – Administration Support (Allied Health Admin Services)

Our administration support have a combined total of 25 years of experience in the medical and allied health sector.

Allied Health Admin Services are passionate about ensuring our clients and their families receive the best possible service they can.

Recently, Jenny and her team were awarded “Excellence in Professional Services” at their local business awards.

When we are not in the office we are enjoying time with our family and friends either on the water paddle boarding or simply enjoying some down time.