Alexia Napoleone – Occupational Therapist | Clinical Mentor

Credentials: Bachelor of Applied Science & masters of Occupational Therapy Practice – Latrobe University

Whilst studying to be an Occupational Therapist at Latrobe, Lexi previously worked with people with disabilities as a volunteer support worker. Being part of a recreation program, she helped provide people with access to the community, education, social skills and having fun! Completing activities with clients helps with understanding people’s interests and how they can participate, which builds and strengthens a therapeutic relationship. Lexi has had experience in a variety of hospital, community and school settings. She has an interest in community mental health with people of all ages.Occupational Therapy provided the opportunity to work with people and their loved ones throughout all stages of their progress. A significant part of occupational therapy that Lexi enjoys is continuously working with people to understand their lifestyle and enable independence in meaningful tasks by finding creative solutions.Lexi looks after her own physical/mental health by playing hockey and doing yoga, she enjoys travelling, trying new and delicious foods and photography. She’s also very passionate about art and is often drawing, as it is a great creative outlet for freedom of expression and relaxation.

Lexi works with, but is not limited to, children, teens and adults experiencing Neurodevelopmental and psychosocial challenges

Lexi also offers service provision in the following areas:

Alexia works with the following


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