Esther Manoharan – OTA (Occupational Therapy Assistant)


Bachelor Teaching and Science | Final year student at Monash University studying Masters of Occupational Therapy Practice.

Having previously worked in education and community services, Esther is currently studying a Masters in Occupational Therapy at Monash University. Her experiences in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea which centred on Mental Health Promotion and Community Welfare Programs, played a large role in her wanting to move into allied health. Esthers interest in occupational therapy arose in seeing therapists help people live meaningful lives as independently as possible. Occupational Therapy provided the opportunity for Esther to work with various individuals who each have their unique story to tell and goals to work together toward.

Esther has experience in working with people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. Her focus on a holistic approach to healthcare has allowed her to build positive therapeutic relationships with every individual she meets. Esther hopes to specialise in paediatric occupational therapy and is also interested in community mental health.

Esther is an animal enthusiast and has had many beloved pets over the years. She also has a passion for cooking, baking and anything food related! You will often find her outdoors, she loves gardening, hiking, and enjoying the sunshine in nature.


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