About Us

Our Purpose and Mission

To Educate, Empower and Reconnect people to their independence so they can participate and engage in a fulfilling life that holds meaning and purpose.

Living Without Boundaries is an NDIS registered provider of Occupational Therapy services across ages with clinics in Forest Hill and Williamstown Victoria.

We are passionate about helping people to “Get on with Life” so they can participate in everyday activities that hold true meaning and purpose to them.

At the core of our business is a Person – Family Centred approach delivering clinic based and outreach services within the community and local neighbourhoods; We uphold each individual’s personal perspective regarding their healthcare options and choices, we pride ourselves on providing education founded on evidence based practice, whilst employing an individually tailored strengths based approach to all therapeutic interventions.

In the pursuit of independence, our mission is to support people in their endeavor to achieve, overall mental/physical health and well-being.

Our Values

A Wellness Approach

We believe that there is a link between good physical and mental health and that challenges in one area can impact the other. We value the importance of improving your physical, occupational, social, emotional and environmental connections so you can strive for wellness even if you are experiencing barriers in your life.

Person Family-Centered Care

We work together with individuals and, where appropriate, carers are an active member within the chosen healthcare team.


Our commitment to you as a valued individual, is to listen, and provide the necessary support and therapeutic interventions derived from evidence based practice whilst maintaining a holistic approach and freedom of choice when deciding upon your healthcare needs.

Independent Living

We strive to enable each individual to live as independently as possible, improving self- management and working towards increased community participation and lifelong health.

Respect for clients values, preferences and expressed needs

We involve clients in decision making whilst recognising they hold their own unique values and preferences to healthcare.

Involvement of Family and Friends

We acknowledge the role that family and friends have within the clients experience and support family members as caregivers.


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