Living Without Boundaries approach to Occupational Therapy service provision:

Living Without Boundaries has opted to use a “Hybrid” model approach to service provision within the community. Telehealth is offered to all clients with the intention of increasing accessibility to Occupational Therapy supports, and enabling increased access to those within remote settings.

Living Without Boundaries has chosen to use the platform, “Coviu” to provide healthcare remotely using video consultation software or, failing that, a telephone call. Occupational Therapy provided in this way must still meet all the quality controls that apply to in-person care such as complying with privacy regulations and maintaining appropriate records.

Australia and the world have encountered increased demand for online Telehealth services due to Covid-19, and our Occupational Therapists are skilled in delivery services via a Telehealth platform.

Statistics regarding the growth of Telehealth are provided from the Coviu website:

Telehealth Overview 2020 – 2021

Advantages of Telehealth

For our clients, telehealth’s advantages include:

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