In home safety functional assessments

Living Without Boundaries Occupational Therapy provides in home functional assessments to help determine a client’s ability to safely carry out functional activities in the home and evaluates effectiveness of intervention and as a pre-discharge assessment. Our Occupational Therapists measure in-home activity performance and change in fit of the individual and their environment before and after basic home modification interventions.

In home functional assessments look at how a client manages in the home and provides clinical recommendations to assist in enabling increased independence. This assessment can be as simple as asking where to position a grab rail or as complex as a full home safety assessment. Your home is assessed by one of our Occupational Therapists to review a clients ability to navigate, transfer on and off of everyday items and discuss how they manage Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s). This is assessed within the domains of self-care including personal care, productivity and leisure utilising an evidence based tool, The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM), and is guided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) International Classification of Function (ICF).

In addition to this, Living Without Boundaries provides all services based on the “Social Model of Disability”

All assessments aim to identify how best to help an individual to be as independent as possible in their home. Living Without Boundaries Occupational Therapists provide clear recommendations with reporting to assist with NDIS funding applications including Assistive Technology. Our Occupational Therapists work together with our clients and carers to support any adaptations or strategies implemented. Home safety is paramount and we work with the Client to make their home as safe as possible.

Some of the items reviewed on a home safety assessment include:

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