Carly Treloar – Director | Senior Occupational Therapist

CredentialsBachelor of Health Sciences | Masters in Occupational Therapy Practice | Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy | Certified Bhava Hatha Yoga/Meditation Teacher | Post Graduate Certificate in Sensory Integration

With over 20 years of experience in soft tissue therapies, Carly’s interests in the human condition on how we are connected through life’s generality of situations we face physically, mentally and emotionally, opened the door tofurther studies. These included musculoskeletal therapies, somatic movement(Feldenkrais method) yoga/meditation, social-emotional awareness and a holistic approach to healthcare namingly, ‘Occupational Therapy’ 

Carly enjoys working with people across all ages with special interests in Sensory Integration (SI) and processing in ASD, Pain Management and Mental Health, Sensory Motor Based Interventions, Social/Emotional skills development and Occupation Based Activities that support children, adolescents and young adults.

Carly is a Certified Sensory Integration Practitioner holding a Post Graduate in Ayres Sensory Integration (ASI) through Sensory Integration Education and the Sheffield Hallam University (UK). You will find Carly working in clinic, supervising and supporting the Occupational Therapy team, offering supervision to Occupational Therapists and working as an Academic teaching Occupational Therapy students at Latrobe University.

Living Without Boundaries is Carly’s vision of providing a nurturing space for individuals, children and families to access therapeutic interventions and support within an Occupational Therapy framework.

Carly brings with her, a wide range of skill sets and works with, but not limited to,

Carly supports her growing team of Occupational Therapists and works between clinics in both Forest Hill and Williamstown, our sister clinic providing Paediatric OT services for children and families together with a team of practitioners including a Paediatrician, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Speech Therapy and Mental Health Social Workers.


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